Unveiling the Oak Bay Showroom - We're Open!

Where your tablescape dreams come to life...

We’ve proudly opened the doors to our newly renovated showroom in Victoria’s beautiful, historic Oak Bay neighbourhood.

The showroom is a quiet, creative haven nestled within one of the district’s busiest, bustling main street; a designated space for brides, planners, and their ‘entourage’ to plan their big day.

On a regular day, you’ll find a bride-to-be and her team connecting over a cup of tea (or bubbly, depending!) around the round table, perusing our lookbooks and feeling swatches of today’s best-selling linens. Our assisting team will likely be in the sewing room; pressing and packing items to prepare for shipping to our clientele all across North America. Betsyn may be taking a client order or carefully arranging the linens sources thoughtfully from her travels, and Stacey will be coordinating the daily operations; usually with her phone (or two!) in hand. And always at our feet? None other than our little pooches! And yes, you can bring yours too!

For those of you unfamiliar to the area, Oak Bay is a quaint pocket of our capital city of Victoria - lined with mature trees, unique businesses, and longtime residents; who could be considered the true footholds of the neighbourhood! The community’s busy main streets are surrounded by adjacent streets boasting yesterday’s incredible character homes; laced with vines of deep emerald ivy.

A true ‘inspo board’ onto itself, Oak Bay is the ideal place for any designer to create - stylish, moody, and full of character. If we’re staring at the sewing machine for too long, we simply pop out of our front doorstep, and up the street into Hide + Seek Coffee for an artfully brewed Americano (and often one of their salted butter waffles!) or into Thorn + Thistle to see the days’ arrival of fresh blooms.

Cool neighbours and architecture aside, Oak Bay is also just simply home to us. Our family has been a proud part of the community for year; and we’ve created many beautiful memories here - just as we intend to do for our clientele through our artistry.

Take a peek inside...


There you have it! Every order, every phone call (well, most of them), and every linen that passes through our presses and is lovingly shipped to a new bride - or for a momentus new occasion - begins here.

Our doors are open. Why don’t you pop in and have a cup of tea with us?

Find us at 1610 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC. If you’d like to know about our business hours, just give us a ring at (250) 598-0759.

Yours, Stacey and Betsyn with Faire la Fête Linen Rentals


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