Reflections on the Past Year

This past weekend my husband Justin and I celebrated our one year anniversary. It had me reflecting on what a journey this past year has been and how much things have changed.  In July of 2016, Justin and I had just moved from Berlin, Germany where we had been living since early 2013. We met while he was working in the film industry and I was on vacation. Before our wedding in August 2016, I had no solid plans of what I was going to do after coming home to Victoria. My experience and education is in fashion design, and while Victoria has many wonderful things to offer, it did not have the bustling design scene that I had become accustomed to in other cities I had lived in. But that was to be expected - we were looking for a change of pace, a change of scenery, and a place to settle down.

The wedding had taken over a year to plan. But little did I know that along the way, in all the countless hours of dress shopping, selecting decor, meeting with vendors, and planners, I was simultaneously creating what would become Faire la Fête Linen Rentals in the process.

Working side by side with my mother Betsyn, and our artful planner Roxanne at Celebrate Events, we found that the market for fine linen rentals was missing, almost entirely, from British Columbia. There was nothing that truly suited our tastes, so it was decided that we would make our own. I scoured the Vancouver design district for the perfect materials and set to work with the help of a small home decor sewing studio in Surrey (Jas Shergil at Foam and Home Decor). The two linens that started it all were our Matelasse in Ivory and our 1” Harbour Stripe.

My mother Betsyn took one look at the small stock of linen I had created and said to me “we need to start our own company”. Armed with her background in interior design, her expertise in party planning, and my knowledge and experience in design and manufacturing we started collecting more fabric samples and began making a plan. The wheels were slowly starting to turn, and while it was a long winter of trial and error, by the spring we were ready to go. 

In April of 2017 Faire la Fête launched and I have barely had a moment to reflect on any of it! Now we are coming to the end of our first summer wedding season and we couldn't be more thrilled with how it has gone. We have met wonderful people and learned SO much. 

We can’t wait to apply what we have learned to our growing inventory and work towards making our process even smoother and more efficient. We have plans to expand our online catalog and improve our online ordering system. Rest assured, we will be bringing in top quality, on-trend items at the beginning of every new season starting in the fall (so stay tuned for your holiday decor needs!). 

Here are some images of cocktails hour and dinner from Justin and my wedding, where it all began!

Special note of thanks to:

Celebrate Events

Foam and Home Decor

Flowers: Clare Monica Day

Photography: Robyn Penn at Maui Maka Photography 

Dessert Table: Patisserie Daniel Also seen on Martha Stewart Weddings:

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