Q&A with Ashley Bond, Spread Love Events


We’d like to introduce you to the talented Ashley Bond - founder of Spread Love Events; a full service event planning and design company based in Vancouver, BC. This team of collaborative and creative professionals create beautiful moments and occasions throughout Canada and around the world. Following some inspiring collaborations with Ashley and the Spread Love Events team, we are so thrilled to say we are now preparing to offer our fine linen rentals in their North Vancouver studio!

You can find them located in a light industrial area at 1867 Welch Street in North Van.

We sit down with Ashley Bond

Q. You work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the ‘perfect day’ for your clients. What does a day in the life look like for you and your team?

Every day is different for our team! We can be found meeting with clients, scouting venues, sourcing decor materials (check out their sister company The Collection Rentals), and creating in our studio.

Q. You offer a range of services, from Full Service Wedding Planning, Wedding Coordination, to Event Design - can you tell us a bit about each of these services and what sets Spread Love Events apart?

As wedding planners AND designers, we handle all of the logistical elements of planning your celebration - as well as dreaming up and designing the visual details to make it one of a kind! With experience ranging from marketing, to the office of Martha Stewart Living, and a floral design studio, our team offers a combination of creativity, passion and know-how.

Our integrated planning and design services offer a unique benefit to our clients. Whether our clients hire us for Full Service Wedding Planning and Design, or Wedding Coordination and Design, we are able to wrap our hands around every logistical and visual detail, which allows us to consider how guests will experience the visual details, and in turn, how to plan the logistics of the event (venue, time of day, flow) to embrace the full sensory experience for the guests!

Q. You certainly cover some miles! It looks like you've planned weddings across Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, the North Shore, the Sunshine Coast, Whistler - and all the way to Palm Springs, and Sayulita, Mexico.

Where has been the most unique destination you’ve planned a wedding for? Do you have any favourite locations?

Last year we planned an incredible wedding in St. John’s Newfoundland. For us, that was certainly the most unique! We’ve had the opportunity to plan and design events in Malibu, Palm Springs, Mexico and Greece - all incredibly stunning locales.

But there is nothing more spectacular to us then our own backyard in beautiful B.C. We are suckers for stunning environments, and are always seeking out new locations with the sparkling ocean or dramatic mountains in view.

Q. What is inspiring you - and your clients - in 2018? Are there any distinct trends you see emerging for weddings this year?

One of the things I love most about the wedding industry, is how each of the weddings we plan and design are unique and inspired by the couples we work with.

I would say the biggest “trend” here to stay, is that couples are writing their own rules about weddings, how and where to celebrate, and what is important to them.

Visually speaking, we are seeing a move to a more sleek and minimalist design aesthetic. Less “stuff” and more intentional design with quality goods, like beautiful linens, tabletop items, modern typography, and quality paper goods.

We are also seeing a shift in floral design from the much loved garden inspired bouquets filled with greenery and romantic blooms, to architectural inspired floral arrangements with colour blocking and sharp contrast. We love both!


Q. Any projections for the wedding trends we might expect for 2019?

I think the range in floral design trends is going to continue to expand, with a greater demand for minimalist inspired florals. I hope to see couples embrace the unique characteristics belonging to venues - rather than defaulting to “rustic chic” every time.

With a number of new wedding vendors in the B.C. market, we're seeing a surge of new inventory available - from curated tabletop collections, to modern furniture, fine linens, and luxury tenting/marquees. We are really excited to break new ground with access to these pieces and I think we'll see local weddings up their style game!


Q. Do you have any words of advice for those who’ve just gotten engaged - where should they begin with their wedding planning process?

Your wedding is the first of many life events you and your future husband or wife will celebrate together - and it will certainly be one you’ll never forget. Before you jump into planning the wedding (I know, so exciting!), get on the same page with your partner by sitting down and sharing your vision and expectations. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of your wedding, or maybe you are thinking of what it could be like for the first time. How do you envision the day?

Lay out your hopes and dreams for the day with each other, and discuss who else might be involved in the wedding planning (for example, would your mom like to be included, and will you be hiring a wedding planner?). Furthermore, you might want to plan how you’ll honour traditions that are meaningful to you both.

Ashley's Suggested Wedding Planning Exercise to Do With Your Partner

Block out one hour of time without interruptions with your partner. Grab a writing pad (no notifications from your devices to distract you!) and separately, write a list of the top 5 elements of the wedding that you value most.

Compare your lists, and together narrow them down to the top 3 elements you both value.

These will be your top three priorities and will influence your decision making as you set about choosing a venue, allocating your budget and booking vendors. Consider the following:

-how many guests you’ll want to invite -food and beverage -venue and atmosphere you want to evoke -what will the ceremony be like -your event soundtrack -flowers, decor, and overall style -photography/videography - how will you document the day? -who’s going to do the planning - will you need to hire someone?

Closing Thoughts

Spread Love Events has set themselves apart in the otherwise crowded event planning industry with their personal, thorough approach - you can reply on them tol take care of every last logistical detail so you can enjoy the journey from “yes” to “I do!”

Ashley and her team truly pride themselves on customizes their services to meet your needs. If you’d like to get in touch with them to discuss your special moment, we certainly recommend you do so.

Cheers to a beautiful, collaborative planning future with Ashley and her wonderful team. Thanks for sitting down with us Ashley!

Here’s how to reach Ashley and the Spread Love Events team:

WRITE: info@spreadloveevents.com RING: 778.340.2226 INSTAGRAM: @spreadloveevents

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