Plan Your Insta-Worthy Wedding On a Budget

Flip through any wedding magazine or scroll through Instagram, and it might be easy to feel panic setting in over the anticipated costs… it’s easy to see how a one-day affair can turn into an occasion that could rack up fees that could cost more than a year’s salary! We totally understand how you might feel like you need to have an extravagant, Insta-worthy wedding day, but the reality is that the union is all about one thing - and that’s your marriage to your life partner.

Keeping that in mind, you’re allowed to take some of the pressure off yourself - but you can still have the wedding of your dreams with a few simple tips.

Here’s how we suggest you save money - while still tying the knot in style!

Start planning early

Typically, the longer you have to plan, the more likely it is that you can find sales and discounts, and there will be less last-minute impulse shopping or higher prices for lack of planning. If you can give a vendor more time to source their goods and plan their services for you, it can often help them save money too - which can often translate into savings for you, too.

Cleanse that guest list!

Although it’s tempting to invite EVERYONE to your special day, it’s not always the best idea when you’re trying to stick to a budget. We understand that there can often be feelings of obligation that come along with setting your guest list, however, for every single person, you’ll need to accommodate their food, beverage and seating needs as well.

We suggest starting to pare down your list by making a list of the potential guests. Try reducing your list by 10% to start, and then trying another 10%. See how much you’ll save, and weigh that against the feeling of reducing the guest list size. Is it really worth it to you? Keep in mind that the importance of saving money vs. the compromises you’ll make will always be extremely personal. That said, the upside to having a smaller wedding is that it can feel more intimate, and you’ll likely get to spend more quality time with everyone.

Rent what you can

From dinnerware to dresses, you can rent just about anything these days for your special occasion. And what’s available is far from basic! Renting elements for your wedding allows you to play to today’s trends in a fashionable yet affordable way - so you can have that Insta-worthy wedding in a budget that works for you. The tricky part won’t be deciding what to rent - it will be having to give it back!

Our suggestion? Your guests will be sitting at the dinner table or lingering over hors d'oeuvre for a good portion of time - and chances are, you’re spending good money to have the event specially catered. Creating the perfect tablescape can be within reach with fine linen rentals - and with our latest arrival of pillows, you can even match your wedding lounge space to your tables!


Our linens complimented this Whistler wedding tablescape beautifully!

Choose a nearby destination for your honeymoon - fall in love with your own city again!

It’s a common theme - once you get through your wedding planning, it can be easy to have blown through your budget, leaving none for the post-nuptial celebrations with your partner. If you’re having a destination wedding, or if you’re simply wanting to enjoy some uncomplicated leisure time with your partner, why not consider having a staycation or finding a new place to explore nearby? Oftentimes, there will be quaint gems in your own locale that you’ve never experienced as a tourist. We suggest a lovely bed and breakfast (check the reviews first) and sampling some of your area’s hottest restaurants, cafes, and bookstores. Not only will you feel that ‘just-married’ connection with your partner again, you might just fall in love with your own

If you’re having a wedding or your honeymoon in a far-away locale, consider paying for your biggest wedding expenses with a credit card that offers travel rewards or a sign-up bonus. We’re certainly not advocating racking up any unnecessary debt while planning your big day, however, if you’ll be paying with a credit card anyway, it might be wise to look into what rewards are available.

Choose seasonal and local flowers

Selecting blooms that are in-season will prevent your florist from having to import anything exotic or out-of-season, saving you significant costs. Not sure where to begin selecting your colour palette? Take inspiration from Mother Nature herself!

“I try to encourage myself to stop at least once a day and really see the incredible colour combinations that are right outside my window. Nature is truly an Artist, serving us effortless, exquisite colour palettes that we only need to take a moment to admire and apply to our own artistic endeavours. “ Natalia of Ingrid Rose Floral Artistry


Closing thoughts

While these are a few tips to help you save on your big day, we really recommend asking for help, too - don’t be shy to ‘rally the troops’ and use the talents of your bridal party and wedding guests to your advantage. Is your cousin an expert coupon-collector? Ask her to keep her eyes open for your bridal shoes, or perhaps discounts on excursions you could enjoy with your partner on your honeymoon.

Stay open to new ideas, and you’ll be saving money in no time - all while planning that Insta worthy day of a lifetime.

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