Our Story

Who we are:Faire la Fete is the brainchild of myself, Stacey Lafreniere, and my mother Betsyn Clark. We have created a luxury and bespoke linen rental company for weddings and events a like.

Why we created Faire la Fête:

It started with my own wedding, my mother and I took a very hands on approach with the planning of my nuptials. We set out with a specific idea for the décor and nuances of the day, and were involved in all facets of the planning process and execution. For many elements, such as the table tops, floral and tableware, we did not have to look far, finding numerous vendors that aligned with our vision right here in Victoria. However, when it came time to select the linens for the big day, we discovered an inherent lack of rentable inventory that aligned with the caliber of our other décor items. Setting out to find the perfect linens I stumbled upon my dream fabric and was immediately inspired to create custom linens. With my background in fashion and merchandising, the task of sourcing and production was altogether manageable. The final result was a complete success, as was the working dynamic between my mother and me! It was this experience, and our first hand encounter with the gap in local markets, that motivated us to establish a business, which focuses specifically on fine linen rental.


What makes us a good team:

My mother and I each bring something individual and distinctive to the table (pun intended) when working together. My background and experience in fashion design and production are valuable when dealing with textiles, construction, sourcing, and manufacturing. Where on the other hand my mother, with her innate eye for interior design, brings an ability to envision the overall aesthetic, taking into consideration cohesive colours and textures, and how they play upon one another. As long as I can remember, she has always set a beautiful table and planned the most magnificent parties.

What sets our company apart?

Whether planning a baby shower, a humble or extravagant wedding, or even a birthday party, our aim is to give our customers a unique and personal experience—catered to their individuality. We hope to get to know them and be able to understand and assist them in carrying out their vision! A significant aspect of translating idea to design lies in the adaptability of our products. For example, if we don’t carry what a client is looking for, then we will make it specifically for their event. As you can see though already, our inventory is incredibly unique!

How do we find enjoyment in the day to day of this company?

As I touched on before, many of our clients will be planning a wedding, having children… throwing parties, so we encounter some really happy days. In most cases we find that collaboration, and communication, of vision become the most inspiring projects. Also, in many situations there are a number of other vendors involved, and it is through these contacts that we better understand the markets and our clients. Although, sometimes its just the sheer proximity to the exited chaos of planning an event that is the most inspiring!

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Faire la Fete, Victoria and Vancouver, BC.

Luxury linen rentals for life’s special events.

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E-mail: info@fairelafetelinen.com