How to Set Up Your Wedding Lounge (with our NEW Lounge Pillows!)

One of the hottest wedding trends as of late is the wedding lounge; a chic, comfortable seating area for guests to put their feet up, sip their cocktails, and socialize between events. It’s no secret that keeping guests happy and well-fed on the big day can be a challenge. Oftentimes, the only kind of official entertainment provided is a dance floor and a DJ - fantastic for the social butterfly, but not for those of us who haven’t danced in public since 1999!

When it comes to your wedding day, chances are that you’re bringing together a large group of individuals who won’t necessarily know one another. And chances are, you’ve been there, too - how many times have you been invited to a wedding where we don’t know many of the other guests; having to make yourself scarce between the ceremony and the reception, or lingering one mozzarella stick too long at the hor'dourves table?

Say hello to the wedding lounge.

Not only is it designed to be THE designated space for your guests to kick their feet up and take a breather between events, the lounge presents itself as a fantastic opportunity to accentuate your wedding theme. Depending on how inviting the space is - and its proximity to the bar - you might find the guests lingering here during the reception too!

Play up your colour palette, incorporate some playful pieces, and rethink the use of some furniture for a space that’s not only useful, but memorable too.

When you begin to envision your lounge space, there are a few things that comprise most of today’s hottest wedding lounges -  both indoors AND outdoors.

Maximize the Space

First, you’ll want to examine the potential of the space - how could you arrange seating, drapery, or even hanging floral installations to maximize the functionality of the lounge and encourage conversation?  If you’re stuck - don’t fret. That’s what the planning pros are for!

Offer Varying Seating Options and Plenty of Tables

Your Uncle Bill (standing tall at 6 ft 3 inches) might not feel as comfortable sitting on the ‘millennial pink’ velvet chaise lounge as your old college roomate will… so plan your wedding lounge seating accordingly. Provide a variety of seating types AND sizes, so that all of your guests feel at ease in your designated chill space. Consider hard-backed chairs, stools, sofas, or even benches as excellent options.

Give Guests Something to Do

Don’t forget the ice breaker! This is a great way to get conversation flowing between guests from both parties - potentially forming lifelong relationships. You could keep your guest book here for signing (with a Polaroid camera, if you’re feeling creative) or even consider custom cocktail napkins, complete with a fun fact about you and your partner.

Elevate Your Wedding Theme

The wedding lounge is where you’ll want to carefully select your lighting, fabrics, and accessories to blend seamlessly with your overall look and feel for the big day.

Pro tip: select lounge pillows that match your cocktail table linens.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve JUST launched our new lounge pillows, with more to come in all of your favourite linen fabrics, prints, and colours.

These pillows are not only chic, but guests can prop them behind their backs as they sit - making for easier, closer conversations with other guests.

Match your throw pillows with your cocktail table linens, with some of our favourite looks from our new collections:

Vintage Floral Charcoal Linen with Lounge Pillow - Natural Charcoal


Block Print Indigo Linen with Lounge Pillow - Natural Indigo (ask us today!)


Or, work some of the season’s hottest neutrals. From left to right, coordinate your colour scheme with: Lounge Pillow - Pastel Cream, Lounge Pillow - Pastel Lilac, or Lounge Pillow - Natural Ivory and Linen Oatmeal Stripe.


Keep all these elements into consideration when you’re planning your wedding lounge - and guaranteed, your guests will want to hang here!

If you’d like to run your visions past us, we’re all ears (and eyes) - and there’s nothing we love more than being part of the planning process. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re happy to help!

If you’re local, swing by our showroom @ 1610 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC, or contact us here.


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