A Transitional Autumn Tablescape

You know those nights, when the light hits just right..? This magical autumn evening in Victoria’s beautiful Oak Bay was one of them.

The familiar (and nostalgic) smell of crisp autumn air and sunburnt leaves reminds us that October is soon closing; yet here in Victoria BC, we’re still dining outdoors for as long as the temperature permits!


Now that our busy summer wedding season is winding down, we’re taking the opportunity to spend more time with our friends and family. Perhaps it’s the impending holiday season (yes, we said it!) or the feeling of the ‘return to hearth and home’ that comes with the time of year - but there’s something extra special about bringing everyone together during these months. It’s the perfect time to share laughs and sip hot apple cider and brandy together; enjoying the harvest season to its fullest.

Some of our brides and grooms are even planning their weddings for late autumn; which provides a unique opportunity for a one-of-a-kind colour palette and mood. It’s much like the perennial question of “what does one wear in fall?” With the temperatures and skies being moody and ever-changing - you could be in shorts one day, and your winter parka the next!

The same kind of fluidity rings true in the transitional seasons for our wedding tablescapes.

When we’re planning our colour schemes and mood boards for our late autumn weddings, we typically suggest taking the design to an edge in the direction of fall/winter; selecting broodier, in-season florals and succulents (which tend to be deeper in tone), heavier textures, and embracing a newfound tone of intensity not seen in our summer weddings. For colours, think wines, rusts, and deep olive green; these hues still go wonderfully with lighter and brighter accents to pay homage to the lingering summer. Many clients will opt to even incorporate seasonal accents like seasonal fruits, twigs, dried berries, canvas, wheat, gourds, or leaves as part of their centrepiece or tablescape design.

For our tablescape shoot with Molly Jane Photography, we wanted to bring our vision of a stunning, transitional fall tablescape to life - to show you an example of what we’re talking about! Our talented friends at Thorne + Thistle provided the to-die-for blooms, and the table, bamboo chairs, and blankets are The Wise Co. To set the table, we chose our ever-popular Natural Linen in Oatmeal and the Napkin - Harbour 1” Stripe. 


As the sun set, we draped our shoulders in our cosy blankets, tucked into these UNREAL cheeses and other delights from Charelli’s, and settled into our seats. In a rare moment of silence, we watched the last brilliant strokes of sun drop below the horizon.


So what are you waiting for?

Pack your picnic (and your finest linens) and bring your dinner outdoors tonight!

You won’t regret that you did.

Tag us in your photos!

And if you’re planning your wedding for late fall? Read our recent blog post for detailed information on how to set your perfect wedding autumn tablescape.

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Stacey and Betsyn with Faire la Fête Linen Rentals

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