Summer Wedding Trends of 2019

Each summer is unique in its own way. Summer wedding trends are no different. Each summer has its own cache of fresh, imaginative and timeless ideas.

So, if you want to plan a summer wedding your guests will never forget, here are the hot summer wedding trends of 2019.


Pantone’s Living Coral

Color-matching expert Pantone named Living Coral as the 2019 color of the year. Living Coral is the perfect hue for summer weddings, due to its golden undertone that, according to Pantone, “energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. Consider adding touches of this “life-affirming hue” to wedding stationary, floral arrangements and wedding linens.

Vibrant Velvet

We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t velvet more of a winter wedding fabric? Not necessarily! Depending on the hue, velvet can work year-round. In addition to wedding linens, touches of velvet will make florals such as boutonnieres and bouquets really pop!  


A Cozy Outdoor Wedding

Summer is a popular time for outdoor weddings due to the warm temperatures. However, more couples are choosing to “bring the inside out” by recreating a cozy home atmosphere outdoors. This includes incorporating indoor pieces into wedding décor, such as couches, lawn chairs and coffee tables.

Beautiful Balloons

What is a celebration without balloons? More couples are ditching the usual floral arches for bold balloon ones. Balloons also add fun and merriment to table arrangements, place settings and photo backdrops. Discuss with your florist or stylist on how you can incorporate balloon arrangements into your décor. We promise, it will nothing like the backdrops at your high school prom!

A Personalized Ceremony

Couples are encouraged to add personal touches to their wedding ceremony. Handwritten notes by the bride and groom are a sure way to make guests feel special. Other ideas include personalized place settings and welcome bags. Finally, custom illustrations add a more personal touch to wedding stationery.

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